Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Varsity Soccer Team beats Montrose 2-1

W 2 Caro High School
1 Montrose High School
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Caro High School vs Montrose High School
2 1
1 1   -
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On another hot and humid Wednesday afternoon and with some threat of thunderstorms, the visiting team from Caro arrived late on the field with a rescue bus from Montrose as the Caro bus gave up within 6 miles of the destination. The game started with some excellent control from the Caro Tigers and fair enough, the pressure applied on the Montrose host team paid off since right forward Seth Howey retrieved a ball from the opposing defender to shoot it and surprise their goaltender for the first goal. The visitors are really disciplined while holding their assigned positions and making some good passing combinations. Unlike previous games, this one was all about marking the opponents tight and going to the ball first to contain the opposing team. It was a very successful strategy since the Caro team kept applying constant pressure on their goal keeper. First half could have ended with more than one goal as the hosting team from Montrose got away with some close call goals with the ball hitting the cross bar. The half time speech was very pleasant compared to previous ones and the whole team was commanded and congratulated by both coaches for the effort, discipline and control the players displayed during the first half which ended with 1-0 for the visitors advantage. Second half started with the Montrose players trying to create scoring chances but in vain since the Caro midfield squad contained all possible attempts. Then with 25 minutes left to play, a free kick was played by left defender Ty Inches right outside the box and put it right in the dangerous Montrose defensive zone where again right forward player Seth Howey headed the air borne lose ball past the goalie for a second goal. Now the Caro Tigers have this 2-goal cushion to relax more and play a ball control and passing game. However, within the last remaining 10 minutes, the Caro midfielders got caught not coming back to mark the running Montrose players which created an out number in the Caro defensive zone. This golden opportunity was not missed by the hosts as a nice shot from the outside box beat the Caro goalie for a reduced score of 2-1. Obviously time was running out for the hosts as they tried to create more chances to even out the score board but without success. The game MVP award was presented for the second time in 2 consecutive games to right forward player Seth Howey who lifted the Caro team for their third win of the season and scored the two goals. A well deserved rest day is given to the Caro team by both happy and pleased coaches for today to be ready for the Friday away game at Garber at 4:00 pm.