Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Varsity Soccer falls to Dryden 2 – 1

W 2 Dryden High School
1 Caro High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Dryden High School vs Caro High School
2 1
1 2   -
2 -   1

The Caro Tigers team was hosting the visitors from Dryden on a very muggy Tuesday afternoon reaching almost 100 F with an unbearable humidity level. The hosts seemed to be ready after a break from the Labor Day weekend. The coaches decided to use a diamond formation in the midfield location. First half started with some even battle from both sides but the visitors set the tone by winning the balls and controlling the game all along during the first half. In vain, the Tigers could not connect with each other and missed 3 great opportunities to convert some passing combinations into goals. The visitors were first to strike as the ball was unattended by the Caro defenders and allowed the Dryden striker surprise the Caro goalie with a shot that went into the back of the net. At this point, nothing was working on the Caro side as the coaches tried to come up with some innovative ways to break down the Dryden defense to at least break through. Some shots from the Caro strikers were not enough to even the score. With 10 minutes left to the half, the visitors strike again as a result of poor marking from the Caro midfielders and defenders which allowed a second goal to be scored by the Dryden offensive squad. The first half speech by both coaches was not sweet to listen to as the message was to start to play as a team and forget about individual talents and agendas. Second half started with some hopeful passes and pressure on the Dryden side with the first opportunity that came from Captain Trevin Phillips who hit the cross bar passed the goal tender but without any tangible results to affect the score board. Then, a throw in by Trevin got deflected by Manau Patel which found the Caro striker Seth Howey who smartly headed the spinning ball to beat the goalie for a reduced score of 1-2. The coaches thought that was the most beautiful goal scored so far this season as it was not an easy one to convert from a trow in. The Caro Tigers now found some energy and motivation to come back and it showed as they kept pressing the defending zone of the visitors. Various opportunities to level off the score board were in vain as time was against the hosts after dominating during the last 10 minutes of the game. The ref decided to whistle the regular time after 80 minutes with a final score of 1-2 to the visitors advantage. The morale of the game story: don’t wait until the end to show up and play a good and decent soccer game. The MVP award trophy went obviously to the only goal scorer of the game Seth Howey who scored a beautiful goal and prevented a shut-out score for his team and finished with honor and dignity. Next game is at Montrose at 4:30 pm.